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Hi! My name is Lucia, and I never stop writing. Whether it's for companies, adv agencies, myself or my blog and novel readers. 

I work as an Italian copywriter,
digital creative and transcreator.
Here is what I can help you with:

creative campaigns & concepting  •  SEO copywriting  •  transcreations & translations  •  content management & production   •  website writing storytelling  •  video script writing  •  brand name and corporate tone of voice TV and radio commercials  •  multichannel campaigns





Luxottica  •  Peroni  •  Unilever  •  Visa •  Publicis

Expedia Group  •  Beta 80  •  Bold Ltd

Bitmama  •  Troublemaker London  •  Mother Tongue


The quality of Lucia's work is simply excellent.

She’s great from the linguistic point of view, but also at the concepting stage, which makes her an excellent asset for any team.


Lucia is very resilient and she’s always there when you need something. She never missed a deadline and she’s also known

for being very organized. She’s my go-to person

for anything Italian-related.

Maria Martinez

ES freelance Copywriter

Whether it’s originating copy in English or Italian, localising/transcreating for the Italian market, or acting as the lead creative to concept for a new project, Lucia can cover all bases. She is most certainly an ideas person - a huge asset in any brainstorm - and someone who can take an idea from first thoughts through to actual deliverables. 

Caroline Cotter

EU Copy Manager @Vrbo

Lucia is a passionate, talented copywriter who successfully juggles compelling storytelling and commercial imperatives. She’s super thoughtful and detail oriented – and it shows in her immaculate copy. Lucia asks intelligent questions and picks up on subtle nuances that other writers wouldn’t even notice. She always delivers what she promises, and is always on time. Collaborating with Lucia is super easy, and a lot of fun – her clever wit and generosity make working together a genuine pleasure.

Laura Lilienthal

Tech Marketing Consultant


In my twenties, I graduated in piano and history of arts and literature. I was dressing horribly, I wasn't worried about the future and I was thinking advertising was fun and worth a try.


Then I started to work for Leo Burnett, Ogilvy and Discovery Networks in Milan and Turin. I learned writing for selling is not just fun - it takes discipline, a sense of a broader context and a deep relationship with the person or company you are writing for. Something that was hard to experience within multi-layered big agencies.

In my thirties, I moved to London. I started drinking too much coffee, arguably dressing better, and working for HomeAway (Expedia Group) as a Senior Italian Copywriter for the Italian Market. Being at the client's side was eye-opening. Until the first lockdown in 2020 decided I would have gone freelancing.


In my 4 years as a contractor, I got the chance to work across all media, study SEO, and build and strengthen relationships with my clients, cultivating that empathy and deep connection I was searching for since I was a curious intern. Read more about me on my blog.

About Me
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