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Transcreations Portfolio: Yeti

Since May 2023, I have collaborated with the Dutch agency Zerotrillion in Amsterdam, transcreating copy for Yeti, the legendary brand for outdoor top-quality gear (yes, it's THAT Yeti). Proudly and deeply American, Yeti’s tone of voice is bold, direct and ironic, and full of references to the US territory and spirit. 

The challenge of localising copy for an Italian audience requires careful research and deep knowledge of the market's culture and language as an insider. Over the months, I created my own Yeti glossary to ensure I am always consistent with product names, features, and recurring copy. Sometimes, the American concepts work in Italian, sometimes I have to take different routes in order to communicate the same message.

Here are some examples of my best transcreations for the Yeti website, emails, and digital assets. Below are a few words on my method of providing transcreations - in case you are interested in working with me in communicating with the Italian market.

Drinkware | Transcreations English to Italian

Drinkware campaign - website header localisations

Screenshot di sito Yeti con falò

ENG MASTER: Tequila sunrise at sunset.

ITA transcreation: Un Negroni al tramonto non è mai sbagliato.

B.T.: A Negroni at sunset is never wrong.

RATIONALE: "Sbagliato" ("wrong") is a popular alternative way to mix a Negroni.

[This is the headline I'm most proud of.]

Wine chiller campaign - website header localization

Yeti wine chiller banner in Italian

ENG MASTER: Rambler™ Wine Chiller. The cold-holding home for your reds, whites, and bubbly. Shop now

ITA: Glacette per vino Rambler. Rossi, bianchi e bollicine: il posto perfetto per mantenerli al fresco. Acquista ora

BACK TRANSLATION: RamblerWine Chiller. Reds, whites, and bubbly: the perfect place to keep them chilled. Shop now

Valentine's Day campaign - Email localization

Boxes with drinkware accessories and copy in Italian

ENG: Mixed drinks instead of mixed signals. With the Rambler® cocktail shaker.

ITA: Per S. Valentino, mixa gli ingredienti, non i sentimenti. Con il shaker per cocktail Rambler®.

B.T.: This Valentine's Day, mix the ingredients, not the feelings. With the Rambler® cocktail shaker.

ENG: Tough Love. Rambler® Wine Tumblers that outlast any rough patch.

ITA: Amori indistruttibili. Bicchieri da vino Rambler® per brindare a voi due.

B.T.: Unbreakable loves. Rambler® Wine Tumblers to toast to you two.

More on drinkware

  • Hydration in low country > Idratarsi. Facile come bere un bicchier d'acqua > Getting hydrated. Easy as drinking a glass of water.

  • The final straw > Lunga vita alla cannuccia > Long live the straw

  • Handle your hopes > C'è fermento > There's ferment/excitement around [wordplay with "fermento", which means also yeast]

Bags and backpacks | Transcreations English to Italian

Crossover campaign - website localization

Screenshot of crossover colors Yeti campaign website


ENG: CaminoⓇ 35 Carryall Tote Cooking essentials, beach gear, and dry goods.

ITA: Borsa CaminoⓇ 35 Carryall Il pranzo, i costumi, il cambio asciutto: se si chiama "Carryall" ci sarà un motivo.

B.T.: CaminoⓇ 35 Carryall Your lunch, your swimsuits, your dry change: it's called "Carryall" for a reason.

ENG: Pro surfer Dan Malloy joins veteran diver Stephanie Mutz in the Channel Islands where they used limited edition gear to dive for dinner and share a tide-to-table meal.

ITA: Il surfer Dan Malloy e la subacquea Stephanie Mutz, insieme per un pranzo al sacco su una spiaggia delle Isole Normanne. Onde, buon cibo, e accessori in edizione limitata per tuffarsi nel gusto in piena comodità.

B.T.: Surfer Dan Malloy and diver Stephanie Mutz, together for a packed lunch on a beach on the Channel Islands. Waves, good food and limited edition accessories, to dive into the gusto in whole comfort.

Spring fishing campaign - banner localization

Banner with fisherman carrying a Yeti backpack

ENG: Hit the water. Come still or high water, the Panga keeps your essentials dry.

ITA: Non sai che pesci pigliare quando si alza la marea? Con calma piatta o con l'alta marea, Panga tieni tutto all'asciutto.

BT: Don't know what fish you should catch when the tide gets high? Come still or high water, the Panga keeps your essentials dry.

More on Bags and backpacks

  • Shoulder the cold > Gelo da portare in spalla > Cold to carry on your shoulders

  • Over your shoulder & off the map > Sulle tue spalle, e fuori dal sentiero > On your shoulders, away from the path.

  • Dry no matter what. Keep your gear 100% dry in downpours and stormy seas. > Asciutto. Punto. Accessori sempre all'asciutto, anche durante acquazzoni o mari in tempesta. > Dry. Period. Your gear is always dry, even in downpours and stormy seas.

Coffeeware | Transcreations English to Italian

Coffee cups campaign - website header localization

Yeti coffee cups website banner

ENG: Coffee to-go. Wherever you take it, take it hot.

ITA: Un caffè da portar via. Gustalo caldo, ovunque.

BT: Coffee to-go/take away. Have it hot, anywhere.

Stackable mugs campaign - IG Carousel localization

Banner showing man holding a Yeti coffee mug

ENG: For the early risers and all-nighters.

ITA: Per chi si sveglia presto, e per chi vive la notte.

BT: For the ones who get up early, and the ones that live through the night.

More on Coffeeware

  • Get ready to-go with our coffeeware > Preparati a macinare chilometri, con i nostri accessori da caffè > Get ready to grind kilometres, with our accessories for coffee [To "grind kilometres" means "to travel a lot, to go far, to spend a lot of time travelling"]

  • Dark roast at first light > Chiara l'alba, nero il caffè > Light is the dawn, black is the coffee

  • Shaken. Not spilled. With the Rambler HotShot cap. > Lui shakerato. Tu mai macchiato. Con il tappo Rambler HotShot. > It (the coffee) can be shaken. But you won't be stained. With our Rambler HotShot lid.

Coolers | Transcreations English to Italian

King Crab hard cooler campaign - banner localization

Yeti hard cooler banner

ENG: Time tested. Sea proven.

ITA: Testate dal tempo. Approvate dal mare.

B.T.: Tested by the time. Approved by the sea.

Summer coolers campaign - email localization

Email with pictures of Yeti bags and backpacks


ENG: Made to get lost. Shoulder the cold or tow it along with backpacks and wheeled coolers.

ITA: Progettati per chi ama perdersi. Zaini e ghiacciaie su ruote: per trascinare il gelo, o portarlo in spalla.

B.T.: Made for the ones who love to get lost. Backpacks and wheeled coolers, for towing the cold, or carrying it on your shoulders.

ENG: Roll Deep. Wheeled coolers to take you farther.

ITA: Rotolando verso sud. Ghiacciaie su ruote, per portarti ancora più lontano.

B.T.: Rolling south. Wheeled coolers to take you even farther

More on coolers

  • Wheels to go. Insulation to stay. > Ghiacciaia trascinabile, isolamento impareggiabile. > Draggable cooler, incomparable insulation.

  • Torrential outside, Dry inside. > Fuori, acqua torrenziale. Dentro, tutto asciutto. > Outside, torrential water. Inside, all dry.

  • Can't leak. Can't miss. Can't lose. > Perdite? Impossibili. Perdersela? Impossibile. > Leaks? Impossible. To miss it? Impossible.

Do you need an English to Italian localizer?

If so, here is the way I work:

  • I usually receive an English master copy document, and I first check whether the content is relevant for an Italian audience.

  • I'm flexible with tools: Google Sheets, Google Docs, XTM, PO Editor, and more.

  • When localising, I try to be as literal as possible, or creative if required, but the key goal is to respect and communicate the same concept, smoothly, natively and naturally.

  • When delivering, I provide back translations and rationales, when needed.

Let's have a chat - drop me an email at

Do you want to read more about my job? Check out my other portfolio articles.

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