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Working from a café - pros and cons

“I’m off to the office, have a nice day!” I screamed while shutting the door behind me this morning. As an officeless freelance copywriter, I notice a few good aspects in getting out and working from a local café, library or sports studio space – as long as the wifi assists and I have no phone calls. It’s simply a sanity-saver. But in working from a café there are pros and cons, too.

This morning I’m sitting in a local café, I have loads of things to do, but I am quite inspired to write this post so here we go.

Working from a café - pros

  • Being forced to dress up in the morning

  • Seeing faces from the neighbourhood that are not your partner

  • Getting some sunlight

  • A short commute helps detach from home and its duties

  • Overhearing the people’s conversation (but this may also be a con)

  • Concentrating on your work and not being able to do anything at home

Working from a café - cons

  • Forgetting something home (of course) – today I forgot my laptop charger, which means in a few hours I’ll have to go back home. Yesterday I forgot my purse. Let’s see what I can do tomorrow.

  • Pee: the perpetual struggle. Should I leave my table unguarded? Should I pack my bag and bring the devices to the toilet with me? I usually do so, leaving some stuff on the table so that no one else sits.

  • Spending a fortune in croissants – they're always available, and you need to prove to the barista your right to sit there as you are a customer, right?

  • Tendinitis/Back pain – you clearly can’t bring your desk commodities to the local café.

  • Open door all the time – closet he damn door, it’s freezing out there!

Get a glance at my other posts, as I gathered some more ways to cope with being officeless.

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