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South East London walk: Deptford Park area

Updated: May 12, 2022

Yesterday morning my baby was quite nervous, so I put my jacket on and hit the road. The most important thing for me (and the hardest) as a new mum is to just get out, at least once a day. Living in Surrey Quays, there are a few places I still haven't explored. Alloa Road was one of them, and I knew there were some pretty and coloured Victorian houses. So I started walking from South Dock Marina and I eventually got to Deptford Park. So, here is another post of the series South East London walks: Deptford Park, here we come!

victorian houses and volksvagen van deptford park
Pretty Victorian houses in Alloa Road / Deptford Park

You notice it because there’s a Vietnamese place by the corner. It must be really authentic, as every time I pass by, I can see many locals. It’s a tiny place, and I need to try it one day. It’s called Mama Pho.

As you get into Alloa Road, I recommend walking by the left-hand side. I find the houses on the right-hand side quite neglected.

house with vietnamese restaurant with blue sky
Vietnamese Cafe Mama Pho in Deptford

Coloured doors, picturesque bow window, eccentric handles. Not just Alloa Road, but also the streets around are worth exploring. You may find trees in blossoms already, and sneak into the windows passing by - I know, it’s rude, shame on me, but I can’t help it if there are no curtains.

line of victorian houses in deptford park
Victorian houses by Deptford Park

Eventually, you will reach Deptford Park. It looks more like a green than a park, but it’s big, and there are swings and slides for children, toilets, changing rooms, a running path, gym tools. First flowers are bashfully coming out. The houses around the park are really special. All Victorian, very colourful, full of plants and flowers on the outsides, and all so well kept.

yellow and light blue doors in victorian houses
I think I'll never get enough of Victorian houseseeing (is it a thing?)

Sum of South East London walk: Deptford Park area from South Dock Marina

How long is this walk? 1 hour 1 way, pram-speed.
What days is it good for? For days when you are done walking by the water, or when you want to see some green, or when you want to feel like West London for a bit.

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